How To Build a Trampoline? Easy & Quick Step-To-Step Guide

Every summer a time comes where people decide to take the trampoline because it is a great fun activity for the whole family. As soon as the trampoline arrives at the doorstep, everybody wants to just bounce on it.

However, many people find it extremely frightening to build it because none of them are professional in building trampolines.

It can be very dangerous if trampolines do not get assembled properly because it can cause flip, break and twist while jumping.

So, if you are pondering over the same thing then sit back because we have designed this masterpiece to show you how to build a trampoline. We are assured that once you go through the complete article you will be as good as the crackerjack.


How Much Time Does It Require to Assemble the Trampoline?

Every trampoline is different from one another. For instance, if you are choosing the indoor trampoline and the manual book that comes along is easy to understand then you can assemble the trampoline within 30 minutes. However, if you have chosen the trampoline to set up outdoors then things can be a little tricky but we do not say impossible.

First of all, you have to reach the area where you want to set up the trampoline than as per the size of the building the trampoline will take:

  • For 6 ft trampoline 2 hours
  • 8 ft trampoline 2-3 hours
  • 10-12ft trampoline 3-4 hours
  • 14-15 ft trampoline 4-4.5 hours.

One more thing, the time duration will also depend upon how skilled you are and have you ever assembled anything before. Well, without much-talking let us start the step-by-step guide on how to set up the trampoline. let’s go

1-Analyze The Material


Trampolines mostly come in one or two packages but before opening any of them read the manual that comes with the trampoline. This might seem childish and a waste of time but it will make sense because you will know what you are dealing with. Pictures inside the manual will enlighten you.

Furthermore, it will save you time because when you get stuck in the middle you don’t have to rush back and open the manual from the start.

Check the package


While reading the manual book along with instructions, brands lay down the name and number of the parts. Check them thoroughly by putting everything out of the box and read them through the list. The basic trampoline parts will include:

  1. Steel frame
  2. Trampoline legs
  3. T-section joints
  4. Enclosure net and poles
  5. A steel ladder is included in the package
  6. Strings and spring puller with a rubber mallet
  7. Spring covers and paddings
If you think anything is missing then call the company and ask what can be done. Many times, companies will ship the missing piece and sometimes they deliver the whole new trampoline in exchange.

Do not take the bolts out of the plastic packaging. However, if everything is present then move to step#3.

Arrange the parts


Arrange the legs, enclosure net, frame, and bolts separately. Do not cluster them, further there can be many nuts and screws that might look alike but will fit in different places. The area where you are going to assemble the trampoline should be clear. especially make sure there are no kids around because sometimes they can eat small parts that can cause choking. However, laying down the parts in the cluster will cause you more time in searching for the right bolt and piece.



Outdoor trampolines are gigantic so they need tools to get assembled. Tools like a Phillips screwdriver, a puller, and a rubber mallet might come along with the trampoline package.

However, if you think you can work better with power tools like electrical drills then sure bring them too. It is also preferred to wear rubber gloves while putting on the springs mainly because you might get your skin pinched while dealing with them.

2-Assembling The Trampoline

Make the circle


Lay down all the pieces of the frame in the shape of the circle if it’s circular trampoline and square if it’s square. Then start fitting them together, until you have a stable circular ring facing the ground.

Fix The Legs

fix trampoline legs

There must be small holes in the frame for fixing the legs. Start snapping the legs inside the holes. If you find it hard to fit in the parts. Grab the hammer and blow lightly to fit the legs in the designated holes. After that, start securing the legs at their places with the help of nuts and screws.

Make sure the screws go properly in the holes because if not, they will come out during the jumping.

You can do the job with the help of a manual Phillip screwdriver but this will consume more time. You better opt for an electrical drill for this because it ensures the security of screws in their places.

Flip The Frame Over


At this point, you might need some more hands because flipping the whole trampoline is no one-man job. Once you flip the trampoline make sure the ring is standing still on the legs. If you think that the trampoline is wobbling and not stable then there must be some screw left untight in the legs. Tight it properly with the help of the screwdriver.

3-Install The Jumping Mat

Set The Springs


Setting the spring is the most tiresome job for which you need two people because this will save you some time. Once you flip the trampoline, hold four screws each person and go to the opposite sides. Before setting the trampoline spring makes sure that the springs are unused, non-rusted.

Also, take a good check on the mat because it is the main part of the trampoline it should not be tearing and damage from any place because it will reduce the life and quality of the trampoline

Start attaching the screws to the mat first, make sure to wear the gloves because springs are tricky. Once the springs are attached to the mat, start attaching them to the metallic frame. This job requires a spring puller and rubber mallet.

Ask the other person to hold the spring puller while you pound it in place. More springs you attach, the more stretch will occur till you reach the last one. This is good because the mat has to be stretched and not hanging.

Attach The Protecting Pad

protecting pad

After installing the springs, it is necessary to attach the safety pad because it will prevent landing on the springs directly. Spread the protecting pad over the area. Look for the holes in the pad because they will get attached to the legs with the help of Velcro, cords, or rings. Make sure to do it evenly and no area of springs should be exposed.

Enclosure Net


Enclosure net is an important part of the trampoline. You can not ignore it. Even if the trampoline does not have one you can buy it separately online or from the same company.

Enclosure net keeps the jumpers safe while they jump and keeps them from hitting the ground. The process of installing the trampoline is super easy. Then come the poles over which enclosure net will attach.

In many trampolines, the enclosure net gets attached to the frame with the help of bungee cords which keep them elastic when jumpers bounce against them. make sure to screw the poles in place with the help of an electric drill. After that cover them with foam pads so that they will not hurt any jumper.

Attach The Ladder

Trampoline attach ladder

Many trampolines come with the ladder. These ladders often come with the package. Pick them out and join the steps together. Then locate the holes in the frame for the ladder. Screw the ladder to the frame. you can do it before adding the enclosure net, or you can do it after, your wish.

Test The Trampoline

Testing the trampoline is necessary to make sure that everything is stable. Test it by getting over the trampoline and jump a few times, if nothing feels wrong like wobbly or squeaky then the trampoline is ready to use.

However, if you think that something is wrong then go over the small pieces and fix them with a screwdriver. Even if after doing everything the trampoline is making noise then call the company. Do not jump over the wobbly trampoline.


We know what you are thinking, that reading how to build a trampoline is easier than doing. We will not say you are wrong but it’s a one-day job and after that day you will only be holding pride in your heart when you will see your wife and kids giggling over it. trust us it is not that difficult, just ask for some help. No matter what is the size of your trampoline, assembling the trampoline will always be the same.

Make sure to read the manual first because it is a wise thing and clear the area before the trampoline arrives so that you can start assembling right away. However, it will be problematic to assemble a trampoline at one place and then move it to the desired place because it is a whole new job. Never do it, always assemble the trampoline at its desired place.


1-Why Anchor Kit Is Important While Setting the Trampoline?

In the areas like the UK where the winds are wild, it’s important to secure the trampoline from getting blown away. Nobody wants to get their expensive fun item getting blown away by the wind. Furthermore, it is good for your security. So, the anchor kit will help to secure the trampoline with the ground so that it can withstand the speedy winds of 40mph and above.

2-Does The Location of The Trampoline Matter?

Yes, the location of setting the trampoline matters a lot because if the trampoline is inside the garden where trees and walls are present then there is a lesser chance of the trampoline getting damaged by wind. The reason behind this is that walls and trees will break the furious wind speed.
However, if your trampoline is placed in an open area where no barrier is present then you have to use the anchor kit to secure the trampoline with the ground.

3-How Many People Does It Take to Assemble the Trampoline?

It is good to have two people while assembling the trampoline because it will cut the period. Further, securing the jumping with springs to the frame is not an easy job. More manpower will help you go through it with lesser anxiety. Installing an enclosure net over the 10 ft and 12 ft trampoline must require more hands as compared to the 8 ft trampoline.

4-Why Does My Trampoline Get Suddenly Folded?

Folding of the trampoline can be seriously dangerous and it is caused due to overweight jumpers, or improper fixing of the trampoline. It can cause injuries to your loved one.

You should check the trampoline before letting anyone into it. Plus, you must read the weight limit of the trampoline before buying the trampoline.

5-Why Is It Important to Have a Protecting Pad?

Trampolines are fun and wild toys because lots of metallic pieces are involved like springs and frames. Even if you are an adult there are high chances while jumping you may land on the springs that can give you skin pinching or bruises.

Safety pads come along with the trampoline from the company to cover the springs. Also, in many trampolines, the poles of the enclosure net are padded to prevent bumping of the head.