How To Disassemble a Trampoline? Step By Step Guide

Trampoline disassembly is an easy task for those who know how to build it and at the same time, it is a back-breaking job for one who has never assembled anything before.

However, we can never say it is a quick chore because dissembling the trampoline is a whole process. If you are also struggling and want to learn how to disassemble a trampoline then keep scrolling down because here you will get a step-by-step guide.

Why Disassemble A Trampoline?

When you buy the trampoline, it comes in two to three boxes which you open in your desired setting place. Despite the brand, trampoline assembly takes 4-5 hours along with some extra helping hands. Disassembling the trampoline is the same process but in a reverse manner, and it might take slightly less time.

There can be many reasons due to which people want to disassemble their trampoline. For instance, if they are changing the house, moving the trampoline without disassembling it can be a very foolish act because it will cause damage to it.

Further, when the weather gets chilly it is better to fold your trampoline and keep it inside the house because if you leave it outside snowfall and rains can destroy it easily.

Moreover, selling the trampoline also requires dissembling. The majority of the trampolines are made up of UV-protected material, especially the mat and enclosure net but it does not mean that you can leave it for years in an open yard unused.

Harsh weather, hurricanes, and sandstorms are way too nasty to dismantle it. There can be numerous reasons to disassemble the trampolines but steps will always be the same. Let’s start disassembling a trampoline step by step.

Tools Required for Dissembling of a Trampoline

The same tools that you used while assembling the trampoline are going to be used once again when you want to take it apart. You must know how to use them because they can cut the lengthy procedure time into short, but safety is first.

Do not use any tool if you don’t know how to operate it.

Here we are giving you the list of the tools that are required to disassemble a trampoline:

  • Phillip screwdriver
  • Electric drill
  • Spring puller
  • 10mm spanner
  • Hand gloves

These are a few essential tools that you will always require while assembling and disassembling the trampoline. It is useful to buy them if you don’t have any.

Easy Steps on How to Dissemble a Trampoline

We have arranged this guide into six easy steps but you need to wear gloves before starting the procedure because safety is above all. Further, it is advised to keep the trampoline dissembling area clear and no children shall be allowed.

Trampolines have multiple metallic sharp edge pieces which can cause injury and choking hazards. So, better keep kids away from the trampoline dissembling.

Step#1 Take Off the Accessories

How To Disassemble a Trampoline

First of all, take off all the accessories attached to the trampoline like the basketball hoop, ladder, and clubhouse. Keep it aside in a safe place. After that start dissembling the trampoline.

Step#2 The Enclosure Net

How To Disassemble a Trampoline

Enclosure nets are easy to remove just take the poles down with which they are attached. Many enclosure nets are also fixed from the bottom through nuts or nuts and bolts. Untie them also to free the enclosure net from the frame. take the poles down and slide the net off.

Make sure to disassemble the poles and store them in one place in the box. Keeping the enclosure net safe is also important because the mesh can easily rip off. Shake it to remove the dust then fold it gently and keep it in plastic for safe storage.

Step#3 The Safety Pads

How To Disassemble a Trampoline

Safety pads are to cover the spring area. There are to prevent the contact of jumpers to the metal surface. Plus, it will protect the springs from getting rusty due to weather. In trampolines the safety pads are tied to the frame, you just have to untie them to take it off.

Step#4 Taking Off the Springs

How To Disassemble a Trampoline

Installing and removing the springs can be very tricky. However, we have a basic technique that will make it easy to pull off the springs. You will require an old spring or trampoline spring tool, stick it from the frame side to the springs’ hook, pull it up in your face direction and you will see that springs will pop out easily.

Make sure to save your face and eyes, and never try to pull off the springs from one side simultaneously. The reason behind this is that if you do it, all the springs will come off at you.

The second technique is using the plier. Simply hold the springs with the plier from the mat side and pull it off in an upward direction. However, if your springs are rusty, you can easily break them.

Step#5 The Jumping Mat

How To Disassemble a Trampoline

When you detach the springs from the frame, the jumping mat will come out on its own. First of all, straighten the jumping mat and start folding it from the center. After that keep folding the mat in half until it is completely folded to a small size that to keep in a storage box.

It is not advised to keep the torn-off jumping mat. If you have tiny holes or a damaged mat then it is mandatory to buy a new one while assembling the trampoline.

Step#6 Take the Frame Down

How To Disassemble a Trampoline

Dissembling the frame is the last step of disassembling a trampoline. make sure that all the parts and pieces are detached before and kept in the safety box. For dissembling the frame, you will require the Phillip screwdriver or power drill if you are experienced in using it.

Start from the legs, unscrew all the screws with which legs are attached to the ring frame. if you have assembled the frame before then you might still remember the number of nuts and bolts to take out.

Once you unscrew the legs, put pressure right in the middle of the leg and lift the ring upward. Once the legs are detached, keep them aside.

However, while pulling the legs stay cautious because the steel legs can fall on your foot or can cause injury.After the legs are removed, start detaching the ring from the T-sockets.

If you feel that something is stuck, do not apply pressure. Just use the screwdriver to loosen it a bit to take the parts off. This is the end of your procedure.

Make sure to keep all the pieces and nuts together in a safe place. It will be good if you have the original packaging of the trampoline kept safe with you so that you can keep it in easily.

Trampolines Safety Tips & Tricks for usage

Trampolines’ safety is very important if you want to enjoy bouncing on them for a longer period.

  • We are assured that you already know but we would like to throw some highlights regarding the trampoline’s safety standing and disassembly.
  • Always keep your trampolines covered, when you do not want to use them.
  • If you have disassembled the frame, mat and springs make sure to keep the frame under the roof to keep it protected from sunlight and moisture.
  • Always keep the trampoline in a horizontal way to keep its balance intact.
  • Before disassembling the trampoline, make sure to clean it so that when you store it inbox, the bacterial and fungal growth will not deteriorate it.

Wrapping Up

We are assured that reviewing the steps that we have shared above on how to disassemble the trampoline, slightly releases your tension and you are not afraid of dissembling anymore. Following the above-defined easy steps, you can disassemble a trampoline in the shortest possible time. Make sure to follow each one precisely because if you will do there are zero chances of damage to the trampoline and you can easily assemble it once again safely.


Are trampolines easy to take apart?

Yes, the trampolines are easy to take apart. It is exactly the reverse procedure of assembling the trampoline.

Can you move the trampoline without taking it apart?

No, it is not easy to move the trampoline without taking it apart. However, if you want to move it just a foot away then it is right, but if you move it to the entire new location then dissembling the trampoline is mandatory.

How long does it take to disassemble the trampoline?

It depends upon the size of your trampoline, if your trampoline is huge like18ft, and so on then it might take 3-4 hours.

However, if your trampoline is compact then a maximum of 2-3 hours will be enough to disassemble the trampoline.

How to disassemble the rusty trampoline?

Dissembling the rusty trampolines is a tough job, especially if you have never dealt with one before. Make sure to wear gloves before starting the procedure.

Try to unscrew the spring from one side. After that go to the opposite side and keep on repeating it until all the springs are out.